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Shelton Trucking, a PS Logistics company, has been serving our customers in the Southeast with our fleet of over 300 trucks. With three terminal locations, we provide reliable and efficient transportation services for our customers. We’re dedicated to providing the best value for your bottom line, with a focus on dedication, reliability and excellence.

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Shelton Trucking is your partner for safe and reliable transportation across the Southeast. With over 50 years of experience and a fleet of fully lease-purchase and owner-operator flatbed trucks, we're equipped to meet your unique shipping needs. From building commodities like lumber and rebar to other cargo, we're here to help.

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Join Shelton Trucking and experience the best of both worlds — access to a broad network of resources and benefits as part of the PS Logistics family, and the warmth and familiarity of a small-business, driver-centric culture. Our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to supporting our drivers with top-of-the-line technology and training to ensure their safety and satisfaction on the road.

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  • Shelton makes you feel like home. They do what they need to do to make situations right. You’re not a number to them you’re a name.

  • My favorite aspect of my job is the variety of work. I love that every day presents me with different challenges. This has meant that I've had an opportunity to gain an understanding of the industry and develop my problem-solving and organizational skills. While it can be stressful solving a critical issue without having an immediate supervisor to call upon, it has meant I've learned to be resourceful and developed excellent research skills. Another thing I love is Drive for Gold; the information that’s given is a big help to keep me educated and to help me perform the job at hand. Keep delivering them awesome videos and great information on drive for gold!

  • I can't stress enough how much I enjoy working here. From the home time to the money, it's great.

  • It been one of the best companies I have ever worked for. They treat you like family. I’ve been with them almost a year and would not change companies. It's been an honor to work with them.

  • Shelton is a great company to work for...I thank Shelton for all the help and support...💯💯

  • It seems to be one thing after another the past few weeks, with a couple of tires and an extended stay in the Freightliner shop for a few things that had to fixed. But as always, the people here at Shelton Trucking have been on it and I've gotten the support I needed to get things done with just a few calls, even though I've lost time on the road my experience with the company has always been quick, courteous and professional. Now if only the Freightliner and tire shops could be the same. That's why I always try to use our shops, those guys Hussle! And since the truck issues have been take care of, hopefully I can stay on it and do the same. Thanks guys and gals for all you do!